brigk Makerspace

The brigk Makerspace – a space for your creativity, meeting place, laboratory, workshop and playground in one

Hobby Maker

The brigk Makerspace – a space for your creativity, meeting place, laboratory, workshop and playground in one.

Startup Maker

In the brigk Makerspace – Ingolstadt’s open high-tech workshop – young founders can find everything they need to build prototypes.

Corporate Maker

Learning by doing – the brigk Makerspace offers you and your employees the most modern high-tech devices for experimenting.

High tech & craft

A place of almost unlimited possibilities, where ideas become reality and innovation becomes tangible – that is exactly the concept of brigk Makerspace, Ingolstadt’s first open high-tech workshop.

No matter if you are a hobbyist, screwdriver, tinkerer, artist, craftsman or techie – you have the idea and we have the right equipment: From laser cutters to 3D printers to milling machines, in Makerspace you will find everything from special tools, professional devices and Machines so that your project can become the next big thing.

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Our machines

with suction and welding table with hole pattern
MIG / MAG welding machine

Switch on, turn on the shielding gas and spark off with happiness! You won’t find any unsuccessful welds here!

Materials: steel (Fe), stainless steel (CrNi)
Built-in welding wire: 1.0 mm copper-plated wire electrode
Dimensions of welding table: 3000 x 1500 mm

Holzkraft minimax sc 2c
Small format circular saw

Small but nice and above all one thing: precise! Whether sheet material, beams or laths, here you can bring everything exactly to measure! Again and again and …

Saw blade diameter: 315 mm
Max. Cutting height 90°: 100 mm
Max. Cutting height 45°: 79 mm
Cutting width rip fence: 900 mm
Trimming length: 1600 mm
Scoring device

Makita 2012NB

Board too thick? Beam not straight? No problem: you can get your wood on track with the thicknesser! Dimensionally accurate and repeatable!

Planing width: 304 mm
Max. Passage height: 160 mm
Feed: 8.5 m / min

Holzstar OSS 100
Oscillating spindle sander

How do you get the insides of holes sanded smooth? Quite simply here and that simply and precisely with different grinding diameters …

Sanding sleeve ø: 13/19/26/38/51/76 mm

Lotus Lasermaxx Plott 125

Prototyping fast forward! In a very short time you can cut and engrave a variety of materials with our laser cutter. Tireless and repeatable!

Soldering station


– Weller soldering station
– Electronics tool
– Oscilloscope
– Laboratory power supply
– Multimeter
– Various consumables
– and much more

Ultimaker 3 Extended
3D-printer (FDM)

Build space: 215 x 215 x 300 cm
Filament ø: 2.75 mm
Dual extruder
Materials: PLA, ABS, vinyl, PET-G and many more.
Built-in nozzle: 0.4 mm
Slicer: Cura
File formats: .stl, .obj

Vaquform DT2
Thermoforming device

Working area: 280 mm x 200 mm
max. Object height: 200 mm
Sheet size: 330mm x 250mm
Blade thickness: 0.2mm – 3.0mm

Festool KAPEX KS 120 REB
Chop saw

Full laser: mark, aim, cut! Whether spruce or oak, our miter saw can cut them all down! In many thicknesses and in every angle!

Cutting depth 90 ° / 90 °: 305 x 88 mm
Cutting depth 45 ° / 90 °: 215 x 88 mm
Inclination angle: 47/47 °
Miter angle: 50/60 °

Holzkraft KSO 750
Edge sanding machine

The belt sander can stay in the box: sand the edges of your workpieces in one piece, cleanly and precisely!

Sanding surface length: 820 mm
Sanding surface width: 170 mm

Unicraft SSK 2
Sandblasting cabin

The paint is off … and rust too! Prepare metal for further processing in no time at all.

Blasting media grain size: 0.12 – 0.25 mm
Volume work cabin: 220 l
Inner length: 840 mm
Inside depth: 550 mm
Inner height: 360 mm

Shaper Origin
Round bending machine

Makita DDF484
Cordless screwdriver

Simply cordless screwdriver. Nothing more, nothing less. But two of them!

Secabo C120IV
Cutting plotter

max. cutting width: 1260 mm
max. media thickness: 1 mm
max. cutting speed: 600 mm / s
max. pressure: 500 g

Knuth HB 250 A
Horizontal miter band saw

Like sliced ​​bread: you can easily cut your material with the metal band saw. Whether straight or with an angle, always repeatable!

Cutting capacity:
0 °: 225 mm
45 °: 155 mm
60 °: 90

0 °: 245 x 190 mm
45 °: 210 X 155 mm
Belt speeds: 40/90 m/min

Knuth Universal-Bieger

Manual angle bender

Bar goods – flat or round – can be brought into the desired shape here. With or without frills, but always straightforward …


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening times of the brigk Makerspace?

The brigk Makerspace is open to members 24/7 – around the clock, every day of the year. For non-members, the brigk Makerspace invites everyone on Fridays from 2:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to the Maker consultation hour to have a look at the Makerspace live.

How does 24/7 access work?

After registering and taking part in the safety briefing, you will receive a personalized access card – your MakerCard. With this you can enter the brigk Makerspace and all booked areas.

Are there guided tours in the brigk Makerspace?

Guided tours are always available on Fridays from 2.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. or by appointment at

How can I become a member?

You have to select your desired ticket on enter your complete data and choose the next Monday as the start date. Then come to the safety briefing on the chosen Monday and you’re ready to go!

Where can I park my vehicle?

You will find a free car park with sufficient parking spaces directly in front of the brigk Makerspace.

How big is the brigk Makerspace?

The brigk Makerspace is currently located in a former supermarket building. There is plenty of space for your projects on an area of 550 m².

What happens if something breaks?

Für welche Schäden an Geräten und Werkzeug muss ich aufkommen? Schäden, die Damage resulting from improper use must be borne by the person who caused it. If damage occurs due to a malfunction of a machine, it should be checked whether there is a guarantee / warranty case.


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