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The brigk Makerspace – a space for your creativity, meeting place, laboratory, workshop and playground in one.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the registration work?

You choose the tariff you want on Once you’ve registered, you have to go through a safety briefing – then you can start right away!

How does 24/7 access work?

After attending the safety briefing you will receive your personalized access. This allows you to open the entrance door and use the respective areas depending on the selected tariff.

How can I cancel my membership and what deadlines do I have to observe?

The best thing to do is to write us an email one month (monthly membership) or three months (annual membership) before the end of your contract period. We will confirm the termination and take care of everything else.

Are there any reduced tariffs?

Yes, pupils, students and trainees can use the reduced tariffs, just like brigk members.

How can I pay?

Direct debit and PayPal are available as payment methods.


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