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Founding a business is difficult, often painful and requires courage. The brigk makes it a bit easier.

Our mission

We are firmly convinced of the huge potential of Ingolstadt and the people in place. Region 10 has everything needed to become one of the digital centres in Europe and to create companies helping to shape the digital future of the world in place. At the end, it is a great advantage for everyone: the regional economy, the communities, the universities and the citizens of today and tomorrow. We want to help. That’s what we work for. That’s what it’s all about.

The brigk Team

Dr. Franz Glatz


Lawyer for startups, mentor, maker, collector, doctor of chemistry, Neuburger, paddle boat driver and bagpipe virtuoso

Kontakt T +49 841 1490 8190

Michael Buthut

Head of brigkAIR

Networker, techie, startup geek, maker, Valley veteran, “Lord of the Rings” survivor, van driver, 0.1-star chef

Kontakt T +49 841 1490 8190

Max Hofedank

brigk Makerspace

Maker, tinkerer and woodworker, restless, interrogator of the world and hungry for knowledge, cosmopolitan, binge watcher, native speaker

Kontakt T +49 841 1490 8190

Maximilian Aschka

Incubation & Coworking

Trend-Seeker, DIY-Fan, #vanlife

Kontakt T +49 841 1490 8195

Chris Gmeiner

Events & Services

Kontakt T +49 841 1490 8190

Bastian Walthier

Incubation & Startups brigkAIR

Maker of possibilities, Schanzer, multitool, amateur philosopher, #dadjokes, gourmet

Kontakt T +49 841 1490 8190
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